Our Story

The business of all our companies is based on a group model whose the initial founder and the producer of ECODIGis Dario Cenger Farm. The Farm was established in 2005 building on the tradition of several generations of agricultural business. Nowadays The Cenger Group is managed by the Cenger brothers; Marijan and Dario, alongside their father Jerko. There are five companies dealing in various avenues of business:

Bioel d.o.o. – biogas powerplant of 1 MW
PZ Zrno (agricultural cooperative) – cooperation and transport
Biodem – distribution and sales, RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System)
OPG Jerko Cenger (farm) – ecological animal husbandry, field crops and herbs production
OPG Dario Cenger (farm) – ECODIG production and field crops

During the years of developing the business, our guiding idea has always been green energy and ecological agriculture as two major pillars of development, but also a model for developing Croatian agriculture in general. Having successfully implemented the project Biogas Powerplant in 2016, the direction was evident – reap the additional benefits of the already installed production line (heat and the high quality organic digestate) the next project was producing organic ecological fertilizer.

We have been working hard for four years on the development of the project and we can proudly point out that we are the first in Croatia to produce CERTIFIED ecological organic fertilizer from anaerobic digestion. Certification process and product evaluation has not been simple. However, with our persistent expert team of different professions, from agricultural science to engineering, we have successfully started production in this challenging year of the pandemic. 

It is our strong belief that YOU are among those who will buy our 100% Croatian, domestic product and support our development as well as the development of Croatian agriculture and Croatia in general. Thank you!

Therefore – For a better yield, Croatian fertilizer on your field

Your ECODIG Team